Descargar | Kid A Mnesia - Radiohead | 3 CD | 1 Link | 2021 | MEGA | Mediafire | Torrent | Album Download

Descargar | Kid A Mnesia - Radiohead | 3 CD | 1 Link | 2021 | MEGA | Mediafire | Torrent | Triple Album

 ‘KID A MNESIA’, a special triple album reissue marking the 21st anniversary of ‘Kid A’ and ‘Amnesiac’.

The two albums, which were originally released in October 2000 and May 2001 respectively, had been the subject of a teaser video that was shared by the band earlier today (September 7).

"KID A MNESIA", una reedición especial de triple álbum que marca el 21 aniversario de "Kid A" y "Amnesiac". Los dos álbumes, que fueron lanzados originalmente en octubre de 2000 y mayo de 2001 respectivamente, habían sido objeto de un video teaser que fue compartido por la banda el día de hoy (7 de septiembre).

CD 2 2000 Kid A

CD1_1 Everything In Its Right Place - Radiohead.mp3

CD1_2 Kid A - Radiohead.mp3

CD1_3 The National Anthem - Radiohead.mp3

CD1_4 How to Disappear Completely - Radiohead.mp3

CD1_5 Treefingers - Radiohead.mp3

CD1_6 Optimistic - Radiohead.mp3

CD1_7 In Limbo - Radiohead.mp3

CD1_8 Idioteque - Radiohead.mp3

CD1_9 Morning Bell - Radiohead.mp3

CD1_10 Motion Picture Soundtrack - Radiohead.mp3

CD1_11 Untitled - Radiohead.mp3

CD2_1 Packt Like Sardines In a Crushd Tin Box - Radiohead.mp3

CD 2 2001 Amnesiac

CD2_2 Pyramid Song - Radiohead.mp3

CD2_3 Pulk_Pull Revolving Doors - Radiohead.mp3

CD2_4 You and Whose Army_ - Radiohead.mp3

CD2_5 I Might Be Wrong - Radiohead.mp3

CD2_6 Knives Out - Radiohead.mp3

CD2_7 Morning Bell_Amnesiac - Radiohead.mp3

CD2_8 Dollars and Cents - Radiohead.mp3

CD2_9 Hunting Bears - Radiohead.mp3

CD2_10 Like Spinning Plates - Radiohead.mp3

CD2_11 Life In a Glasshouse - Radiohead.mp3

CD 3 2021 Kid A Mnesia

CD3_1 Like Spinning Plates ('Why Us_' Version) - Radiohead.mp3

CD3_2 Untitled V1 - Radiohead.mp3

CD3_3 Fog (Again Again Version) - Radiohead.mp3

CD3_4 If You Say the Word - Radiohead.mp3 

CD3_5 Follow Me Around - Radiohead.mp3 

CD3_6 Pulk_Pull (True Love Waits Version) - Radiohead.mp3

CD3_7 Untitled V2 - Radiohead.mp3

CD3_8 The Morning Bell (In the Dark Version) - Radiohead.mp3

CD3_9 Pyramid Strings - Radiohead.mp3

CD3_10 Alt_ Fast Track - Radiohead.mp3

CD3_11 Untitled V3 - Radiohead.mp3

CD3_12 How to Disappear into Strings - Radiohead.mp3

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